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PDFs are also widely accepted by businesses and professionals for sending documents electronicallyThey provide a way to share documents that look the same on all devices, regardless of operating system or software

sumatra pdf

This means that you can send a PDF file to anyone, and they will be able to view it without any problemsAnd since they are smaller in size than other file types, they are easy to attach to emails or other forms of communication5

sumatra pdf

PDF FILES ARE MORE CUSTOMIZABLE PDF files are more customizable than any other popular document type because they allow you to change the way the document looks without compromising the quality of the document itselfFor example, you can change the margins, font size, and page orientation of a PDF document without affecting the quality of the document

sumatra pdf

This is helpful when you need to make a document look more professional or when you want to change the way it looks for a specific audience

You can also combine PDF files the way you like and there are tools you can use to do these customizationsIt is not possible to open such files

The file may also get damaged while being sent over the emailIn such a situation, the best thing to do is ask the sender to resend the file

For damaged PDF files, the best solution is to use a professional PDF file recovery toolWe recommend Wondershare Repairit, an software to repair damaged PDF files without making any modifications to the original file

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