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weekly meal planner pdf

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What does PDF mean and what is a PDF? PDF - Portable Document Format PDF (Portable Document Format) PDF refers to a type of document format (PDF Document)It is a universal file format developed by Adobe® that preserves all the fonts, formatting, graphics, and colour of any source document, regardless of the application and platform used to create it

weekly meal planner pdf

In its early days, the PDF format was used in desktop publishing to share documents between disparate software and operating systemsHowever, the standard has gone on to include many new features which has increased its potentialDue to its platform independence it has become ubiquitous on the Internet as a medium for exchanging documents

weekly meal planner pdf

It was released as an open standard in 2008, meaning there are no licensing fees for developersThis increased its adoption by the software industry and has ensured that its dominance as a the portable document file format is cemented

weekly meal planner pdf

Viewing PDF documents To view PDF files you need specific software, of which there are numerous from many different software developers

However, Adobe provide Acrobat Reader which you can download free from hereIn this dialog box, you can set any action, such as reading an article, or executing a menu command, to be associated with the link

Edit a link You can edit a link at any timeYou can change its hotspot area or associated link action, delete or resize the link rectangle, or change the destination of the link

Changing the properties of an existing link affects only the currently selected linkIf a link isn’t selected, the properties will apply to the next link you create

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